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About Kospin JASA

Members Coaching

Coaching for members is conducted in a members meeting on an ongoing basis and alternately at the branch offices. The coaching members is also carried out effectively at the opening event of SAFARI savings  (benefit-conscious of cooperative) that was held once in a month sedentary and at the opening event of Pundi Arta Savings either at the branches of Kospin Jasa or at the tourist areas, where is an inter-face forum within the members and the management was held. This forum can be used by members who have business relations with other members, as well as a means of promotion for the products of Kospin Jasa.

The business coaching for members is also conducted through the publishing of business directory of Kospin Jasa’s members, to promote the business product of members to other members and business partners. In addition, the publishing of MASA magazine is intended to be a medium of information and communication about small and medium enterprises as well as sharia economics. Then, it can also be a tool to expand the marketing network through the website: for those members who have an excellent product.