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Company Profile

Our History

Kospin Jasa was founded by several small and medium entrepreneurs in the 1970s. Their objective establishing this financial co-operative is to provide solution in coping with difficulties to get loan for their business capital, since generally their business was managed in a traditional way.

In order to overcome the financial difficulties faced by those small and medium business owners, then they held a meeting at the residence of Mr. H.A. Djunaid (the deceased), one of national co-operative leading figures, on December 13, 1973. The participants of the meeting consisted of the leaders of the three ethnic communities: the native Indonesian, the Chinese, and the Arabic-Indonesian. They all agreed to establish co-operative that run their service in providing savings and loans (Credit Union). Based on the agreement of all parties, this co-operative is named “JASA” or “SERVICE” in the hope it will be able to provide services and benefits to members, the co-operative movement, the community, society, and the government.

Since its establishment till now, Kospin Jasa has actively engaged all parties and groups regardless of ethnicity, race, class and religion. It is solely to unite in a coexistence society to solve problems in economics, together in one foundation. That is why Kospin Jasa receives the title as “The Co-operative of National Unity”.

Vision and mission

Becoming a Leading, Modern, Independent and Tough Financial Institution


  • Meet customer needs and provide excellent service through technology-based products.
  • Generate the best benefits and added value to stakeholders
  • Align with other financial institutions
  • Collaborating with business partners in a transparent and professional manner

Values – Values of Kospin JASA

  • Honest          : Trustworthy and Obedient.
  • Reliable         : Tough and Productive
  • Best Service  : Customer Satisfaction
  • Adaptive        : Flexible and Up-to-date


The logo of Kospin Jasa is  materialized in the writing of Kospin Jasa where in the middle of the writing, there was a symbol of the “wheel” that moves dynamically formed the initials “J” with various kind of colors, describing “pluralism and togetherness” that co-exist and respect.

The symbol of philosophy of wheels is suitable with the vision of Kospin Jasa as a savings and loan co-operative, so the orientation of this cooperative in  the next progress is achieving  to be independent and firm based on trusteeship in building social economic with  fairness.

Color on of the wheel is correlated to the mission, that invite all the potential parties in society regardless of race, class and religion, so that they can go along, be united and in a good faith to build the social economy in togetherness in a foundation called co-operative.


Managerial system is implemented by Kospin Jasa since its establishment. The members meeting as the highest power of selecting boards and supervisors from members for a term of 5 years with a third ethnic formations. The Boards have acted as policy maker and supervisor of operations as well as matters that was relating to the terms of a cooperative organization. In its  activities of several boards are appointed supervision in suitable with be operational systems.

Daily operational is managed by Head of Division, which consists of: Head of Fund Management Division, Head of operations and marketing division, Head of Supervision Division with Loans assisted by the Head of the Central Office and branches and their staff. In order to create an effective work load, then there is Assistant Administrator to be appointed to manage.

A plenary meeting is held by management every month to evaluate works of the previous month and conduct the policy for the next month. The system of internal supervision is carried out by the Division of Supervision that assisted by several field inspector, while at the branch office, there is internal control unit (ICU) who’s in charge to supervise.

Management Structure

  • General Chairman – H. M. Andy Arslan Djunaid, SE
  • Deputy General Chairman – Kadafi Yahya
  • General Secretary – H. Sachroni
  • General Treasurer – Budi Setiawan (Yap Yun Foe)
  • Deputy General Treasurer – Drs. H. Bahrodji, MM

Supervisory Board

  • H. Teguh Suhardi, BA
  • Ir. Ong Umaryadi, MM
  • H. Lutfi Tochfa

:Advisory Board

  • Lukito Sindoro (Liauw Yang Sin)
  • Ikhlasul Amal Akwan, SE., MM
  • H. Mustafa Mulahela
  • Nasirudin Djunaid