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Privacy Policy

I. Definition

  • M-JASA is a product service for the JASA Savings and Loans Cooperative ( KOSPIN JASA ) which can be accessed directly by Members via mobile phones, either using the SMS media menu or using the menu on the M-JASA Mobile application using the internet network media on mobile phones. combined with SMS media in accordance with the applicable provisions at KOSPIN JASA 
  • M-JASA is an application that can be downloaded from the official KOSPIN JASA website as well as the official application/software distribution media appointed by KOSPIN JASA owned by the mobile operating system found on the Member’s cellphone to make transactions through M-JASA    
  • User ID is a personal code for Members who use the M-JASA Mobile facility, which is obtained from the application for registration to use the service.
  • Activation Code is a Member’s personal code for which functions as activation of the M-JASA Mobile service.
  • Login Password, is the M-JASA Mobile application login password, which is obtained during the activation process.
  • M-JASA Transaction PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a personal identification number for customers who use the M-JASA facility every time they make a transaction/as payment validation.
  • Quick Response Code or QR Code is a code issued by KOSPIN JASA that can be used by Members to make QR JASA transactions using M-JASA mobile.  
  • Cellular Operators are companies that provide cellular telephone network services.
  • SMS (Short Message Services) is a service for delivering short messages in the form of text and/or numbers that can be received and/or sent via mobile phones.
  • Members are individual account holders in the form of deposits or loans.

II. Registration

  1. Every Member who has a mobile number and is registered can use the M-JASA Mobile KOSPIN JASA service . 
  2. To be able to use M-JASA, Members must have a certain Cellular Operator SIM Card and/or install M-JASA Mobile and have a User Id determined by the Member at the time of registration at the Service Office counter.

III. User Terms

  1. Members can use M-JASA to get KOSPIN JASA info and or make transactions to fellow KOSPIN JASA members and/or to banks and PPOB transactions.    
  2. Through M-JASA, Members can access:
    • Effective Balance
    • Transaction Mutation
  3. The orders/instructions given by the Member through M-JASA can only be carried out using the Member’s mobile number that has been registered in KOSPIN JASA and after the Customer has activated M-JASA on the Member’s mobile phone.  
  4. Members must fill in all required data for each transaction correctly and completely.
  5. As a sign of approval, Members are required to enter the M-JASA PIN to carry out financial transactions and other transactions as determined by KOSPIN JASA .
  6. Every instruction from the Customer that is stored in the KOSPIN JASA data center is the correct and binding data for the Member, and is a valid evidence of the instruction from the Member to KOSPIN JASA to carry out the transaction in question, unless the Member can prove otherwise.    
  7. KOSPIN JASA accepts and carries out every instruction from the Member as a valid instruction based on the use of a mobile phone number and M-JASA PIN. KOSPIN JASA has no obligation to examine or investigate the authenticity or validity or authority of the user of the handphone number and M-JASA PIN or to assess or prove the accuracy or completeness of the instructions, therefore these instructions are valid and legally binding on the Member, unless the Member can prove otherwise. .   
  8. All transactions that have been instructed by the Member to Kospin JASA cannot be canceled for any reason.
  9. For every instruction from a Member for a successful financial transaction by KOSPIN JASA , the Customer will receive proof of the transaction in the form of a reference number which will be stored in the Member’s mobile Inbox, as evidence that the transaction has been executed by KOSPIN JASA with the following conditions:   
    • The message inbox on the customer’s cellphone is not full.
    • There is no interference on the communication network and Cellular Operators.
  10.  KOSPIN JASA has the right not to carry out instructions from the Member, if the Member’s effective account balance at KOSPIN JASA is insufficient to carry out the relevant transaction or the Member’s account is blocked.   
  11.  Members are obliged and responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of transaction instructions through M-JASA sent to KOSPIN JASA KOSPIN JASA is not responsible for any consequences arising from incomplete, unclear data, or inaccuracy of instructions from Members.  
  12.  Notes, tape/cartridges, computer printouts, copies or other forms of information or data storage contained in KOSPIN JASA are valid and binding evidence on instructions from Members carried out by KOSPIN JASA .   
  13.  Members agree and acknowledge the validity, correctness, or authenticity of evidence of instructions and communications sent electronically by KOSPIN JASA , including documents in the form of computer records or proof of transactions executed by KOSPIN JASA , tape/cartridges, computer printouts, copies or other forms of storage. other information contained in KOSPIN JASA . All such facilities and or documents are the only valid and binding evidence for transactions carried out by Members through M-JASA, unless Members can prove otherwise.   
  14.  By making a transaction through M-JASA, the Member acknowledges that all communications and instructions from the Member received by KOSPIN JASA will be treated as valid evidence even though the document is not made in writing and or the document is not signed by the Member and KOSPIN JASA .   
  15. The transaction limit to fellow KOSPIN JASA Members is adjusted to the Member’s balance, while for transactions to the Bank it is adjusted to the amount of the applicable limit at KOSPIN JASA .   
  16. The Mobile Operator has the right to charge the Member for each transaction, whether successful or unsuccessful.

IV. App Privacy Terms

  1. Contact Access Licensing – Contact reading information is used only to avoid number input errors in top-up transactions, top-up ovo, top-up gopay and top-up linkaja. We do not collect and store and do not use contact data for other things from parties who use the Mjasa application. 
  2. Camera Access Permission – Camera Access is used to scan QRCode. We do not use it for anything other than scanning the QRCode on the Mjasa application. 
  3. Storage Access Permission – Storage access is used to store mutation transaction files and generate QRCode generated images. We do not take pictures or other files that are on the Mjasa application user’s device storage other than for that purpose. 
  4. Media/Photos/File Access Permission – Used only to save QRCode files and Save Mutation transactions in PDF form and then the file is shared with the desired party by the Mjasa application user itself. We do not read or view media, photos and other files. 
  5. Phone Access Permission – Phone Identification Access is used to identify the user’s uniqe-ID device and only applies to Old OS versions. Its function is to find out that the user is really a previously registered user at the Kospin Jasa office. 
  6. Notification Access – Notification Access is used for notification of transactions and information to Mjasa application users. We do not take intimidation or other actions that are detrimental to Mjasa application users. And this service can be disabled directly by Mjasa application users in the application settings menu or in the user’s device settings. 
  7. Internet and WiFi Access – Used as an access protocol for sending transaction data between Mjasa users and the server on our system equipped with SSL security https protocol which is used for securing data transactions via network protocol. To secure data from irresponsible parties.   
  8. Data Transaction Security – Data encryption is used to scramble transaction data so that the data is not read by irresponsible parties. 

*. Full control on the user Mjasa application users. Users can not allow such access if they do not wish. However, there are some features that do not work properly if the user does not give access to the device they have to run the Mjasa application.
*. Such access is solely for security on our part and on the part of Mjasa Users so that in transactions they are not harmed by irresponsible people.

V. PIN, Access Code and Customer Obligations

  1. The M-JASA PIN and Access Code may only be used by the Customer concerned.
  2. Members are required to keep the M-JASA PIN and Access Code confidential by:
    • not notify the M-JASA PIN and Access Code to other people, including family members or those closest to the Member.
    • does not store the M-JASA PIN and Access Code on mobile phones, other objects or any other means that allow the M-JASA PIN and Access Code to be known by others.
    • be careful in using the M-JASA PIN and Access Code so that they are not visible to others
    • do not use mobile phone numbers, M-JASA PINs, and Access Codes determined or chosen by other people, or which are easily guessed, such as date of birth or a combination thereof and telephone number.
  3. Any misuse of the M-JASA PIN and Access Code is the full responsibility of the Member. The Member hereby releases KOSPIN JASA from all claims that arise, both from other parties and the Member himself as a result of the misuse of the M-JASA PIN and Access Code.  
  4. The use of the M-JASA PIN and Access Code on M-JASA has the same legal force as a written order signed by the Member. Members can change their M-JASA PIN and Access Code at any time.
  5. If the Cellular Operator SIM Card or mobile phone belonging to a Member is lost/stolen/transferred to another party, the Member must notify the nearest KOSPIN JASA branch office or Call Center for M-JASA blocking/closing. All transaction instructions based on the use of mobile phone numbers, M-JASA PINs, and Access Codes that occur before the authorized official of KOSPIN JASA receives the notification from the Member shall be the full responsibility of the Member.    

VI. MJASA blocking

  1. M-JASA will be blocked if the Member does the following:
    • Incorrectly entering the login password and M-JASA PIN three times in a row.
    • Submit an application for M-JASA blocking because the Cellular Operator’s Cellphone or SIM Card is lost/stolen.
  2. Error entering the Access Code three times in a row or replacing the SIM Card installed on the cellphone with another SIM Card can result in the M-JASA menu on M-JASA Mobile being inaccessible to Members.
  3. Customers are prohibited from copying M-JASA Mobile on other mobile phones. The copying result of M-JASA Mobile cannot be used by the Customer.
  4. Members must activate and re-install M-JASA Mobile on their cellphone if M-JASA Mobile is blocked.
  5. If M-JASA is blocked, the Customer must contact KOSPIN JASA and re-register M-JASA at the KOSPIN JASA service office counter .   

VII. Force Majeure

In this case KOSPIN JASA cannot carry out instructions from Members, either partially or wholly due to events or things beyond the control or capability of KOSPIN JASA , including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, riots, equipment/systems/ transmission is not functioning, there is a power outage, telecommunication disturbance, there is a government policy that prohibits KOSPIN JASA from providing M-JASA services, as well as other events or things beyond the control or ability of KOSPIN JASA , the Member hereby releases KOSPIN JASA from any kind of claim of any kind and in any form related thereto.        

VIII. Termination of MJASA

  1. Members submit an application for termination of M-JASA to KOSPIN JASA , due to, among other things: 
    • Members end the use of mobile phone numbers; or.
    • Members change mobile phone numbers; .
  2. The customer closes all accounts connected to M-JASA.

IX. Etc

  1. Proof of transactions made by Members through M-JASA are mutations recorded in the checking account or savings book (if printed).
  2. Disclaimer from Members can only be served if a refutation is submitted to KOSPIN JASA within a period of no later than 3 (three) months from the date the transaction through M-JASA is made.  
  3. Members must immediately report to KOSPIN JASA in writing if there is a change in Member data.  
  4. Members can contact the Call Center or KOSPIN JASA Service branch office for any problems related to transactions, blocking, and or closing of M-JASA.  
  5. Members must contact the relevant Cellular Operator for handling problems related to SIM Card, Cellular Operator network, internet network on cellphones, usage bills from Cellular Operators, SMS fees, and value added services of Cellular Operators.
  6. KOSPIN JASA may change these M-JASA Terms and Conditions at any time by notification to Members in any form and through any means. 
  7. Members hereby declare that they are subject to the Terms and Conditions of KOSPIN JASA , and the regulations that apply at KOSPIN JASA , which regulate services, facilities, and transactions that can be carried out, including any changes thereto , which will be notified by KOSPIN JASA to Members in the form and through any means.    

The Member hereby agrees to the terms and conditions that apply at KOSPIN JASA regarding the M-JASA Mobile Service, and the Member has read the terms and agrees to the applicable terms.