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Answering the needs of service members Kospin JASA pick up the ball as the implementation of our effort to bring services to members and to carry out the mandate of the Chairman who wants the strengthening of the micro sector, in early 2013 Kospin JASA has developed a system of mobile services / mobile.

Mobile services is done in 2 mutually supportive activities:

  1. Mobile Cash Car Service

This service is a van, which is equipped with all kinds of equipment as well as Kospin JASA office. A similar standard of service you would get in the car. You do not need to bother to come to the office Kospin JASA far, no need to wait for the queue to be served, even when you’re passing can be served by our officers.

Mobile cash car start in July 2013 and has been an 5 units Isuzu Elf and 1 unit mini vans that operate in some crowded centers, especially the markets.

The service you enjoy in Mobile Cash Car includes:
  • Provision of information products and services to the general public
  • Handling of complaints by members of transactions in cash car
  • Opening a new account
  • Deposit and withdrawals
  • The service uses a mini ATM / EDC machine
  • Purchasing pulse telephone, electricity tokens PLN.
  • Telkom telephone and PLN payments
  • Transfer to the bank
  • and others
  1. Mobile Cashier Services

This service makes it easy for you who can not come to the Kospin JASA office to do cash deposit. With advances in technology, Kospin JASA be able to bring a mobile cashier service with proactive system using a tablet device.

Kospin JASA is the first cooperative to transact with tablets in realtime, with proof of receipt / print outs and sms notification. This technology is built in order to compete with cooperatives or other financial institutions to serve the members of the transaction and is one of the eminent services of Kospin JASA because it is the first service that exist and has never existed in other cooperatives.



Service developed to provide information of any mutations member account transactions according to the type of account that is registered by members. Each transaction in the account of the registered members, then the system will provide information to the member’s phone number via text message / SMS.
  • Applies to every member who has TAKOP, Micro Savings, and Daily Deposit account.
  • Members request notification to inform Kospin JASA with his cell phone number.
  • Notification of transactions such as debit and credit transactions.
  • Notification of transactions submitted via SMS media.
  • Notification sent realtime*.
  • Notification sent a successful transaction.
  • Without a transaction fee each notification.
*) Availability of telecommunications providers systems affect the succes of the delivery notification.


An innovative services to members presented in order to provide ease and convenience in accessing various transactions Kospin JASA commonly done through ATM machines. Simply by accessing M-JASA (mobile-JASA), the entire transaction is completed in a matter of minutes you are, whenever and wherever you are. M-JASA Services include transactions through TAKOP Account, Micro Savings, and Daily Deposits.

Enjoy the ease and convenience in completing the transaction on the sidelines of your busy life. Immediate Download Application M-JASA in through your mobile Blackberry or Android based.
Applications M-JASA is safe to use as it comes with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in every transaction.

M-JASA Service Excellence
  1. How to enable easy service, can be downloaded or copied from the phone
  2. No need to replace the SIM Card
  3. Using the medium of SMS (Short Message Service), so the cost of appropriate local operator rates
  4. Practical and easy to use
  5. Can transfer money to other accounts Kospin JASA, banking and payment
  6. Low transaction costs.
  7. Maximum transaction amount is not limited.
Facilities Services M-JASA
  1. Transfer to Kospin JASA: given facility to transfer to other accounts in Kospin JASA.
  2. Transfer to Kospin JASA Shariah: the facilities provided for the transfer to an account in Kospin JASA Sharia Services (Savings Cooperatives, Micro Savings, or Savings Daily)
  3. Transfer to All Bank: the facilities provided for the transfer to the entire banking in Indonesia.
  4. Check Balance: the facility to check the balance in the account storage
  5. Check mutation: mutation displays 5 recent transactions.
  6. Payment:
  • Telkom: Telkom Speedy, Home Phone, Facsimile / Fax, Telkom Vision)
  • Purchase Toll Sympathy and Ace Prepaid
  • Subscription television Indovision, AORA
  • Adira credit
  1. Products: displaying the types of products available and can be enjoyed by members.